Lisel – “Stalactite”

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Lisel – “Stalactite”


Patterns For Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay is shaping up fascinatingly. Lisel’s latest has already given us “One At A Time” and “Immature,” and today she’s shared a mesmerizing new one called “Stalactite.” The song builds fractured beauty out of chopped up vocal samples and synth oscillations, forgoing words altogether but still saying a lot. The title is right on — these are some sharp, pointed sounds.

Lisel has this to say:

Conceptually, the arc of “Stalactite” begins with a simple, bright vocal gesture that is repeated and manipulated. Then, there’s a major tonal shift halfway through when the Moog synths come in — and all the vocal material that happened in the first half is recontextualized, re-understood, within the bass-y synth world. This is a recurring theme on the album (and happens in other songs, “Immature,” “Blades of Grass” for example): material built only out of vocals gets reinterpreted, often placed into an entirely different harmonic or rhythmic world, when electronic instruments enter – just as the album recontextualizes the tradition of layered choral singing within a contemporary aural sensibility and with 21st century tools and sounds.

Listen below.

Patterns For Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay is out 2/17 on Ba Da Bing.

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