Liz Phair Objects To Chicago Tribune Review Describing Her Sold-Out Show As “Nearly Sold-Out”

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Liz Phair Objects To Chicago Tribune Review Describing Her Sold-Out Show As “Nearly Sold-Out”


Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville 30th anniversary tour rolled through her hometown of Chicago Saturday. The show inspired a glowing review in the Chicago Tribune, but Phair took issue with one important detail: Reviewer Bob Gendron described the Chicago Theatre as “nearly sold-out.” In a statement posted to Instagram, Phair took issue with that description, asserting that the gig had been sold out for months and she had the receipts to prove it.

Here’s what Phair had to say:

It’s so important for Chicago to have a newspaper of integrity, that reports the news honestly and accurately. I’m thrilled that your reviewer enjoyed our show! I am, however, worried about the four bodily humors of your editorial desk. I fear it has been bemused by its own headlines. This can be a busy time of year, and I know you wouldn’t want to deliberately tarnish my accomplishment after years of The Chicago Trib’s fulsome and unwavering support of my career. Subscribers will be surprised to learn that my Chicago Theatre show has been SOLD OUT for months. Months, dear Trib. We have the end-of-night settlement receipts to prove it. Is the editorial desk feeling quite well? Do you suppose it is blood, bile, melancholy or phlegm that’s out of balance? Keeping one’s conscience sound is a tricky business. Look at what happened to poor Hamlet over the holidays. Feel better, soon, Trib! We need you at your best. Wishing all of Chicagoland a pleasant and restorative Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Liz Phair.

In a separate IG post published before the above statement, she included a screenshot of the review, updated to read that the show was sold out. “Thanks, Chicago!! And thanks, Trib, for making the correction to your review – the Guyville show was indeed sold out since late summer!”

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