Lone – “Triton”

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Lone – “Triton”


Matt Cutler, the British producer who records as Lone, digs through rave history and makes bangers that feel vaguely dreamy and nostalgic, as if they’ve been pulled from some long-neglected corner of your mind. Two years after the album Always Inside Your Head, Lone’s got a brand-new single called “Triton,” and it’s a good one.

“Triton” phases in and out of focus. Sometimes, it’s hazy and unresolved. Other times, it’s fierce and rigid — a house track with a bit of footwork and UK garage in its DNA. Cutler says, “‘Triton’ serves as a companion piece to its predecessor ‘Waterfall Reverse.’ It’s similar in that it twists and turns and hopefully takes the listener on a mad journey, but this one takes place in a different imagined environment — it feels like bombing through a Japanese city at night, all dark and raining but with insane neon glow shining through.” Below, listen to both “Triton” and the recent single “Waterfall Reverse,” which came out a couple of months ago.

“Triton” is out now on Greco-Roman.

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