Lou Roy – “Uppercut”


Lou Roy – “Uppercut”

We took notice of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Lou Roy last year with the release of her single “Valkyrie,” which was produced by Illuminati Hotties mastermind Sarah Tudzin. And now, she’s officially announcing her debut album Pure Chaos, co-produced by Tudzin and inspired in part by the vibrant chaos of Las Vegas.

“Las Vegas is the funniest, sweetest thing we could have done as humans,” as Roy said on MUNA’s Gayotic podcast. “I acknowledge that it’s fucked up but it started with us being in the middle of the desert and asking, ‘What do we like? Games, nudity, lights and money’ and making a playground out of that. It’s hedonism at it’s finest and while it may have failed spectacularly, the initial endeavor was fucking awesome.”

Today, Roy is sharing the new single “Uppercut,” which features Tudzin on synth and electric guitar. “I swear it to you babe we’ll always have our fun/ Even when we’re grinded into cosmic dust,” Roy sings on the ebullient track. “And even when we’re back on earth as pond scum.” Listen below.

01 “Valkyrie”
02 “Scroll”
03 “Uppercut”
04 “U.D.I.D.”
05 “If We Were Strangers”
06 “Myth”
07 “Down Since ’07”
08 “Bull Ride”
09 “Big Anvil”
10 “Dream”
11 “Talkin’ To Ya”

Pure Chaos is out 4/29 via Balloon Machine.

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