Lowertown – “Bucktooth”


Lowertown – “Bucktooth”

The young Atlanta bedroom-pop duo Olivia Osby and Avsha Weinberg, aka Lowertown, are signed to Dirty Hit, the British record label that brought you the 1975, Rina Sawayama, and beabadoobee. In October, they’ll release their debut album I Love To Lie, which features today’s new single “Bucktooth.” The song’s built around ramshackle guitar chords and fervent twee vocals from Osby and Weinberg, sounding loopy as they unload about something quite serious. “They’re extremists and I don’t like it/ I just wanted to have a good time,” the duo sings, before concluding, “I can’t handle any more guns.”

Osby elaborates:

When we were in London recording the album, I was pretty homesick for America so I was listening to a lot of old country and folk music. I was really into Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison album and wanted to write a cheeky, narrative song similar to “Cocaine Blues.” A bucktooth cowboy with his crew of troublemaker bandits kept popping into my head. The song started as a silly story but ended up being thematically tied with some of the far-right extremism that was happening in America during the time Avsha and I were recording the project.

Watch Zev Megasis’ video for “Bucktooth” below.

01 “My Friends”
02 “Antibiotics”
03 “Bucktooth”
04 “I’m Not”
05 “It’s It’s It’s”
06 “No Way”
07 “Scum”
08 “At The End”
09 “Goon”
10 “Waltz In Ab Minor”
11 “It’s Easy For Me”

I Love To Lie is out 10/21 on Dirty Hit.

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