Magdalena Bay – “Hysterical Us”


Magdalena Bay – “Hysterical Us”

Later this week, Los Angeles electro-pop duo Magdalena Bay will release their long-awaited full-length debut Mercurial World. Thus far, we’ve already posted the early singles “Chaeri,” “Secrets (Your Fire),” and “You Lose!” Today, the band has shared a bugged-out video for one more song, the loping/swaying “Hysterical Us.”

Magdalena Boy built “Hysterical Us” on a funky bassline and a tinkly, nagging melody. It’s a fun, low-key pop song about feeling totally unmoored. In the Ian Clontz-directed video, the duo rides a minivan through some kind of psychedelic portal and emerges in a new, more colorful dimension. Check it out below.

Mercurial World is out 10/8 on Luminelle Recordings.

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