Mandy – “Forsythia”

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Mandy – “Forsythia”


Last month, Mandy — the project of Melkbelly’s Miranda Winters — announced her new album Lawn Girl and shared the lead single “High School Boyfriend.” Soon after, Melkbelly also made their grand return with two new songs. Today, Winters is back to her solo rollout, releasing the beautifully grungy “Forsythia.”

“This song is about the internal landscapes we create in response to our external locations,” Winters explained. “Forsythia (the shrub) has always shown up at the right times in my life — it’s easy to love and relate to because even at peak bloom it looks a little dirty. It’s always somewhere in the background for me, follows me around. This song started in New Mexico but spends a lot of time in Providence RI, Wisconsin and Chicago.”

Meanwhile, Melkbelly also unveiled the new tracks “KMS Express” and “Precious Cargo” a couple of weeks ago. Hear “Forsythia” below.

Lawn Girl is out 4/26 via Exploding In Sound Records.

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