Mark E. Smith’s Family Says The Fall Members’ New Project Is “Extremely Offensive”

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Mark E. Smith’s Family Says The Fall Members’ New Project Is “Extremely Offensive”


The Fall, the influential and legendarily cantankerous post-punk band led by Mark E. Smith, cycled through many, many members over the course of their 42-year run, until the band finally ended with Smith’s death in 2018. Last year, five former Fall members from various eras started a new band called House Of All. Si Wolstencroft, Paul Hanley, Steve Hanley, Pete Greenway, and Martin Bramah describe their group as “A Fall Family Continuum project” and at the Twitter account @fallcontinuum, they describe their recording session as “a private séance.” House Of All announced their first tour this week, with a self-titled debut album to follow in April, and the late Smith’s relatives are not happy about how hard they’re leaning on the old band name.

As Slicing Up Eyeballs points out, Smith’s family and estate posted the following message on the Fall’s official website Monday:

We wish to clarify to several ex-members of ‘The Fall’ and/or any potential labels or associates.

That whilst we wish you well in your future career and projects, we would like to make it quite clear and simple that the Family and Estate of Mark E. Smith in no way endorse nor wish to be associated with ‘House of All’.

Furthermore, we do not like or permit the use of Mark E. Smith’s name, images and/or band name to be used in any kind of exploiting way.

Not only do we find this extremely offensive and very misleading to the wider audience and fans of Mark E. Smith & The Fall, but it also causes us much sorrow, distress and discomfort.

Below, check out “Harlequin Duke,” the lead single from House Of All’s album.

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