Mark Knopfler – “Ahead Of The Game”

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Mark Knopfler – “Ahead Of The Game”


Guitar legend and former Dire Straits dude Mark Knopfler is about to release a new solo album. One Deep River is dropping in April, preceded today by lead single “Ahead Of The Game.” It’s a dreamy, propulsive spin on the expert-level guitar-pop Knopfler has been kicking out for decades, metropolitan but seasoned with notes of blues, country, and folk. Listen below.

01 “Two Pairs Of Hands”
02 “Ahead Of The Game”
03 “Smart Money”
04 “Scavengers Yard”
05 “Black Tie Jobs”
06 “Tunnel 13”
07 “Janine”
08 “Watch Me Gone”
09 “Sweeter Than The Rain”
10 “Before My Train Comes”
11 “This One’s Not Going To End Well”
12 “One Deep River”

One Deep River is out 4/12 via British Grove/Blue Note/EMI.

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