Mavi – “Baking Soda”


Mavi – “Baking Soda”

We caught up with the young Charlotte rapper Mavi last year upon the release of his THE END OF THE EARTH EP. He’s got a new album called Laughing So Hard It Hurts coming next month, and it keeps up his streak of warm, meditative, analog hip-hop highlights. You can practically see the dust flying off the grooves on producers Monte Booker and Amarah’s central soul sample, probably sent flying by the hard-smacked sputtering-machinery drums. In a laid-back melodic cadence, Mavi builds to a climax that sounds like shrugging off low-key devastation: “She say you either on drugs or need to be, which is better?/ She was already gone ‘fore I could see she ain’t get the letter.” Watch the Brick-directed music video below.

01 “High John”
02 “Spoiled Brat”
03 “Baking Soda”
04 “Doves”
05 “Quiet On Set”
06 “3 Left Feet”
07 “My Good Ghosts”
08 “Reason!”
09 “Hemlock”
10 “Having My Way”
11 “Known Unknowns”
12 “Trip” (Feat. Amindi)
13 “Opportunity Kids”
14 “The Inconvenient Truth”
15 “Chinese Finger Trap”
16 “Last Laugh”

Laughing So Hard It Hurts is out 10/14.

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