Maxo Kream & Tyler, The Creator – “Big Persona”


Maxo Kream & Tyler, The Creator – “Big Persona”

In the past few years, it looked like Tyler, The Creator was moving on from rap, embracing strange new space-funk mutations. But on his recent album Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler was back on his rap shit — so much so that he brought in DJ Drama to yell all over the record. Today, we learn that Tyler is still very much on his rap shit, and he’s got a new collaboration with the great Houston hard-rock storyteller Maxo Kream.

Maxo Kream released his single “Local Joker” earlier this summer, and now he’s announcing that a new album called Weight Of The World is set to arrive shortly. Next month, Maxo will release his follow-up to 2019’s great Brandon Banks. Tyler produced the new single “Big Persona,” and he also raps the first verse and the hook. But despite Tyler’s heavy involvement, “Big Persona” sounds more like a Maxo song than a Tyler one. (“Big Persona” shares its title with Maxo’s label and his streetwear brand, and the name is his way of paying tribute to his late brother.)

Tyler’s “Big Persona” video is heavy and majestic, full of booming horns and drums. On the track, Tyler and Maxo both flex hard — Tyler on his Grammy and his rainbow-hued boots, Maxo on making more money than professors and sipping Arnold Palmers with his mama. In the video, Tyler and Maxo do donuts in a Rolls. Watch it below.

Weight Of The World is coming in October on Big Persona/88 Classic/RCA Records.

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