METZ – “Superior Mirage”

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METZ – “Superior Mirage”


In a few short days, the beast-ass Toronto power trio METZ will release their new album Up On Gravity Hill. We’ve already posted the early singles “99,” “Entwined (Light Street Buzz),” and “Light Your Way Home,” the latter of which features Black Mountain’s Amber Webber. Now, with the album release imminent, METZ have shared one last song.

Like a lot of recent METZ jams, the new single “Superior Mirage” is more melodic than a lot of the noisy, heavy work that we’ve come to expect from these guys. The track has a confident propulsion, with harmonized backing vocals and a synthpop-adjacent drum-machine beat. But when the hammer drops, the guitars still flare up with force and purpose. Here’s what bandleader Alex Edkins says about the track:

It’s definitely new territory for us, and I really love the sounds we were able to achieve. We blended a Linn Drum with some homemade samples and made this ad-hoc junkyard drum sound that propels the song along. We really tried to make the backbeat the defining trait of the song. The lift on the chorus is pretty huge, too. We wanted the wall of guitars to knock you sideways.

This shit rocks. It it was up to me, I might’ve made it the first single. In director John Andrews’ animated video, some devils hang out in the desert. Watch it below.

Up On Gravity Hill is out 4/12 on Sub Pop in most of the world and Dine Alone in Canada.

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