Mina Tindle – "Indian Summer"


Mina Tindle – "Indian Summer"

Back in June, the musician Pauline De Lassus announced her latest album as Mina Tindle, Sister. So far, we’ve heard a some impressive stuff from it, including dual lead singles “Lions” and “Belle Pénitence,” and the Sufjan Stevens collab “Give A Little Love.” Today, she’s back with another one.

The song comes with a video filmed by Camila Dutervil and Indira Dominici in Sicily. Here’s what De Lassus had to say about it:

Indira Dominici is one of my favorite artists, She seems to see and reveal beauty in people and things effortlessly. This song was originally inspired by Italo Calvino’s short novel Under The Jaguar Sun, but Indira is a kind of magician and she seems to have changed the meaning of the song with her images. Camila Dutervil and her are telling me a new story with this video and I am mesmerized.

“Where you can’t love don’t delay
Where you can’t dance don’t delay… “

Merci mes beautés.

Like its predecessors, “Indian Summer” subtly builds as it goes. In the beginning, it’s barely more than De Lassus’ voice and some atmospheric backdrops. But she layers and magnifies herself as the song continues, until the end of the song is a gorgeous web of vocal melodies. Check it out below.

Sister is out 10/9 on 37d03d. Pre-order it here.

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