Mindforce – “Words Fail”


Mindforce – “Words Fail”

Oh, fuck yeah. It’s happening. The Hudson Valley hardcore monsters Mindforce, a band with an almost supernatural ability to make me stomp like a gorilla, are about to follow their great 2018 album Excalibur with the new full-length New Lords. We’ve already posted Mindforce’s song “Survival Is Vengeance,” and it rips. Now, we get to hear another one that rips just as hard.

Mindforce’s latest track is called “Words Fail.” It is one minute and 36 second long, and it kicks ass. Where “Survival Is Vengeance” leaned into fast, thrashy overdrive, “Words Fail” is more of a midtempo crusher. There are some total monster riffs on this song, and Mindforce put those riffs to work in the context of a lurching, bulldozing destroyer of a track. I love it. Listen below.

New Lords is out 9/16 on Triple B Records.

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