Miya Folick – “Bad Thing”


Miya Folick – “Bad Thing”

Miya Folick has spent this year slowly trickling out songs from her new EP 2007. They’ve been good songs, too, a trend that continues with today’s new offering. The synth-led “Bad Thing” is a bit like Angel Olsen if she’d burrowed deeper into effervescent pop sounds rather than the rootsy, organic path she’s been treading. “I did a bad thing/ I wasn’t thinking,” Folick sings on the chorus, as waves of beauty pile up around her. The track keeps building and building, getting more contagious as it goes, until the finale finds Folick exulting in the bad thing she did “over and over and over again.”

“Bad Thing” is accompanied by a video directed by Ruby Caster, shot entirely on an iPhone. Watch below.

2007 is out 9/9.

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