Mr Twin Sister – “Polvo”


Mr Twin Sister – “Polvo”

When Mr Twin Sister first emerged, they were a whole lot more dance-friendly than most of their lo-fi Brooklyn indie-pop peers. But now, it looks like Mr Twin Sister are turning a corner into full-on club music, and it suits them. Earlier this year, the band returned with two new songs, “Diary” and “Expressions,” that marked their first music since their 2018 album Salt. Today, they’ve followed those tracks with a new banger called “Polvo.”

“Polvo” is not named after the great ’90s math-rock band from North Carolina, so get that out of your head. Polvo, you see, is also the Spanish word for dust, and Mr Twin Sister’s new song is all about how weird it is to think that we’ve always got particles of dead things circulating in our lungs. In a press release, lead singer Estella says, “‘Polvo’ is about how death fuels life, how we’re all connected, and how we must die in order to live.”

Estella sings “Polvo” in Spanish, and the song’s lyrics, at least in Google Translate form, are awfully poetic: “Anything could be in the dust/ A seed and the dead/ Fragments of our world that accumulate.” But “Polvo” doesn’t sound philosophical or reflective. Instead, it’s a hard-strutting dance song, influenced by a cumbia mix that Estella bought in El Salvador when they were a kid. Listen to the track below.

The self-released “Polvo” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp. According to the single art, it’ll appear on a forthcoming album called Al Mundo Azul. Mr Twin Sister will play Brooklyn’s Elsewhere 10/09.

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