Nada Surf – “New Propeller”

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Nada Surf – “New Propeller”


Nada Surf will share their new album Moon Mirror — the follow-up to 2020’s Never Not Together — in September. The long-running indie rock band announced the record with its lead single “In Front Of Me Now,” and today, they’ve shared another highlight called “New Propeller.”

With a whole lot of chatter about “new normals” over the past couple of years, “New Propeller” finds comfort in the knowledge that there are certain constants in life despite persistent change. “Don’t be afraid/ You won’t be replaced/ Don’t be afraid/ You won’t be erased,” Matthew Caws sings on the chorus. Here’s what he said about the track in a press release:

[“New Propeller” is] a rumination on changes. It’s probable that during most years, most decades, we’ve felt that the present is peeling away from the past, that things are taking a new turn, sometimes a darker one. That ‘things are different now.’ These last years have been no exception. It feels obvious to say that things are changing faster than ever, but they really are. AI is a new frontier that is raising so many questions, and it’s undeniable that we’re in a different political world than we were a few years ago. Mark Pellington helped us explore the murky waters of the present with our ‘Just Wait’ video in 2021 and now he’s helping us again… It’s unavoidable that parts of our lives will change, and some parts may be erased, but I feel hopeful knowing that as long as we have each other and keep a sense of community, we’ll be able to live out our days feeling alive and present.

Watch director Mark Pellington’s music video for “New Propeller” below.

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Moon Mirror is out 9/13 on New West.

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