Next Week’s Grateful Dead Cover Band Festival Canceled With No Refunds

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Next Week’s Grateful Dead Cover Band Festival Canceled With No Refunds


Traditionally, the Ventura, CA music festival Skull & Roses brings together a bunch of Grateful Dead cover bands for a full weekend celebrating the legacy of Jerry Garcia and friends. The sixth annual installment was to take place next weekend, April 19-21, with headliners Dark Star Orchestra and an undercard filled with many more Dead disciples. But organizers pulled the plug Tuesday, just 10 days before the festivities were to begin. They claim their funds have completely run out, and they’re not offering refunds to ticket holders.

In a message on Instagram Tuesday, festival founder Chris Mitrovich wrote the following:

Re: …Feelin’ Bad

Dear Dead Heads,

With deep sorrow I must inform you that SKULL & ROSES 6 has been canceled. In all transparency, the financial devastation of the 2023 show made it impossible to sustain the weight of the new production.

We have maintained hope and exhausted every imaginable possibility, right up to this very moment. It has now become clear, however, that we have reached the end of the line. All the cards are down and there’s nothing left to see.

This is not a choice, the decision has been made for us. Had we known (or stopped fighting) sooner, we would have let you know then. Please know that this is the truth. We feel exactly the same way that you do, in every regard.

Words cannot tell how much we appreciate your undying dedication and extreme connection with this show. We don’t know what the future holds. Please accept my most sincere apologies for the troubles this message will cause.


Chris Mitrovich, Founder

REFUNDS: While tickets and hotels were sold on a non-refundable basis, we sincerely wish that funds were available to refund all purchases. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case at this time. Additional information will be provided just as soon as it becomes available and will be posted through our socials and at

You will not be surprised to learn that the comments on that post have been turned off.

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