NYC Indie Rock Trio Love Child Announce First Show In 30 Years

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NYC Indie Rock Trio Love Child Announce First Show In 30 Years


New York rockers Love Child didn’t last for long. The band got together in 1987, released a couple of albums, and were done by 1994. During their tenure, Love Child combined shambling, starry-eyed lo-fi indie-pop with noisy, expressionist no wave, a combination that would prove influential. It wasn’t enough to keep their records from going out of print and their name from becoming fairly obscure. But now Love Child are back, and they’re getting ready to play their first show in 30 years.

In the years after Love Child ended, Alan Licht, one of the band’s multi-instrumentalists, became a major figure on the avant-garde music scene. Rebecca Odes, another member of the group, released solo music under her last name, and then she became an author and a media exec. Last month, Gerard Cosloy’s 12XU label released the massive Love Child compilation Never Meant To Be, which features their full discography and some previously unreleased radio sessions. Now, with their music back out there, Love Child are about to play a hometown show.

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, the reunited Love Child will play Brooklyn’s Union Pool on 6/9. That is not a big room, and I bet they’ll sound awesome in there. They’re sharing the bill with E and Subskin Cables, and you can get tickets here.

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