O. – “OGO”


O. – “OGO”

The London duo O. comprises saxophonist Joseph Henwood and drummer Tash Keary. They’ve opened for black midi, they’re signed to producer Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label, and with that lineup, you won’t be surprised to learn that their stomping, skronking sound reminds me a bit of Party Dozen. Today they’ve released their debut single “OGO,” about which they share:

We wrote OGO in a soundcheck in Oslo, whilst on tour supporting black midi. It had hit minus 5 outside so we started jamming something fast to try and keep our hands warm.

Playing live is a really big part of O., so we loved the Speedy Wunderground approach of recording one track in one day, holding off on major edits, and we are not even listening to the track until it’s released. It’s just the two of us on the single (as it is live) with Dan Carey and Adele Phillips helping us recreate that gig feeling in the studio.

Listen below.

“OGO” will be released on a limited edition 7″ on 1/13 via Speedy Wunderground.

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