Ogbert The Nerd – “Bike Cops”

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Ogbert The Nerd – “Bike Cops”


New Jersey emo band Ogbert The Nerd released their raw, urgent, magnificently catchy debut album I Don’t Hate You in December 2020. It was the kind of record that immediately stokes a hunger for more, but in the two and a half years since, the band has only shared one song, last summer’s “A New Kind Of Borkulator.” Fortunately, another single dropped today.

“Bike Cops” purportedly has been a part of Ogbert live shows for quite a while now, but this studio version is bulked up with a horn arrangement by drummer Matt Renzo. From the beginning, it’s fast and frantic and emo to the max, tendencies matched by lyrics like the refrain “You could drag around my body just to show that I cared.” Like the best Ogbert jams, it’ll raise your pulse, test your lung capacity, and send tingles down your spine. Listen below.

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