Pain Of Truth – “Under My Skin” (Feat. Criminal Instinct’s Josiah Hoeflinger)

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Pain Of Truth – “Under My Skin” (Feat. Criminal Instinct’s Josiah Hoeflinger)


The Long Island hardcore band Pain Of Truth made a big splash when they came out of the gate with some of the most cartoonishly over-the-top tough-guy music in recent memory. On the strength of just seven songs, Pain Of Truth became a huge draw at hardcore festivals, and the excitement around their forthcoming full-length debut Not Through Blood is just through the roof. We’ve already posted first single “Actin’ Up,” which goes insanely hard. Today, we get to hear the ninth Pain Of Truth song.

Almost every song on Not Through Blood has a guest vocalist from somewhere on the heavy-music spectrum: Trapped Under Ice’s Justice Tripp, Terror’s Scott Vogel, Madball’s Freddy Cricien, Mindforce’s Jay Peta. “Actin’ Up” had 200 Stab Wounds’ Steve Buhl shouting out his band’s name, and the new song “Under My Skin” has Josiah Hoeflinger, from Atlanta fastcore greats Criminal Instinct.

“Under My Skin” is about motherfuckers who act fake and drag you down, which seems to be Pain Of Truth’s favorite subject. I think every Pain Of Truth song might be about that exact same thing? Don’t act fake around this band. Stop doing that. The song starts out fast, but it slows into a downright reckless chug that will certainly send bodies flying. Check it out below.

Not Through Blood is out 9/8 on DAZE.

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