Paul Banks' New Supergroup Muzz Debut New Song "Trinidad": Watch


Paul Banks' New Supergroup Muzz Debut New Song "Trinidad": Watch

Earlier this spring, Interpol frontman Paul Banks announced the existence of Muzz, a new side-project trio that also features Bonny Light Horseman’s Josh Kaufman and former Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick. Next month, Muzz will release their self-titled debut album. They’ve already dropped the singles “Bad Feeling,” “Broken Tambourine,” and “Red Western Sky.” Today, they’ve shared a video of themselves playing another one of their album tracks as a remote live-acoustic type of deal.

We haven’t yet heard the studio version of “Trinidad,” the latest Muzz song. But Muzz have created a sort of DIY live music video for the song. In the clip, we see Kaufman and Barrick playing their parts of the song remotely. But we never see Paul Banks singing. Instead, the video has Banks, mostly viewed in the distance, walking around a giant field while a sign reading “there will be no miracles here” looms over him.

Musically “Trinidad,” at least in this version, is a soft, delicate folk song. In someone else’s hands, it might be a bit generic, but Barrick’s brushed drums and Banks’ magnetic baritone make it stand out. Watch the video below.

Muzz is out 6/5 on Matador. Pre-order it here.

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