Pillow Queens – “Heavy Pour”

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Pillow Queens – “Heavy Pour”


This Friday, Pillow Queens will release their third album Name Your Sorrow. So far, we’ve heard “Suffer,” “Gone,” and “Like A Lesson,” and today the Irish rock four-piece is offering one final taste with the new single “Heavy Pour.”

“It feels like a bit of a bizarre journey or a fever dream,” lead guitarist and vocalist Cathy McGuinness said in a statement. “The guitar becomes more palatable in the middle eight, totally contradicting the previous section of discordant chaos. It then falls into a glorious half time with ‘oohs’ to support the instruments, giving a feeling of clarity and resolve before snapping back to the chorus.”

About the lyrics, lead vocalist, guitarist, and bassist Pamela Connelly added, “A lot of the lines in this song could convey the typical sweetness of a love song, but it has brief moments of outside perspectives that cast doubt over the conviction represented. The song tries to show the ‘heavy pour’ as a compulsion that while having moments of joy, ultimately heightens personal insecurities.”

Hear the track below.

Name Your Sorrow is out 4/19.

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