Pink Pauses Sydney Show When Fan Goes Into Labor

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Pink Pauses Sydney Show When Fan Goes Into Labor


Pink concerts lately have been extremely eventful. At the pop star’s Hyde Park show in London last year, someone put their mother’s ashes onstage, then someone else presented Pink with a wheel of brie. In September, she kicked out a guy who was yelling about circumcision. And now someone has gone into labor at one of her concerts in Australia.

Earlier today Pink played Allianz Stadium in Sydney. (It was already nighttime Down Under.) In video posted from the show, Pink can be seen pausing her performance in response to clamor from the audience. Only after she directed the medics toward a person in distress did she learn that the person was in labor. “Somebody’s having a baby?!” she exclaimed. After laughing at her own inability to decipher the messages from the crowd — she thought they were gesturing about Minecraft? — she offered congratulations and called on people to look the other way and give the expecting mother some space.

“Wow, ‘Our Song,’ huh? That was the one that did it. Wouldn’t have called that one,” she mused. “I thought it would have been, like, I don’t know, ‘Get The Party Started,’ or ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again.’ That’s exciting. I don’t even know what to say. Do I — we have to sing now. Good luck! It’s gonna be great. You’re gonna do great!” The show then continued with “Just Give Me A Reason.” There’s no word on what happened with the childbirth.

Weirdly, this is not the first time someone has gone into labor at a Pink concert. In 2019, someone gave birth to a baby girl at a Pink show in Liverpool and named the baby after Pink.

Watch the footage from Sydney below.

@jessb536 Pink Sydney Australia 2024 – Congratulations to the new mum @P!NK #pink #sydneyaustralia #2024 #allianzstadiumsydney #baby ♬ original sound – Jess
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