Portrayal Of Guilt – “…where the suffering never ends”


Portrayal Of Guilt – “…where the suffering never ends”

Portrayal Of Guilt are releasing their second album of 20201, CHRISTFUCKER, next month. They announced it with lead single “Possession” and today they’re back with “…where the suffering never ends,” a terrifying blast of noise that breaks apart into a screaming match. Its music video, directed by Craig Murray, depicts a camping trip that turns into a hellish nightmare. Murray explains:

I wanted to make an immersive film, which takes the viewer on a progressive journey that never seems to end. I had a structured idea that I wanted to shoot, but also shot loads of ominous scenes that could develop new ideas about the story for the viewer. The initial edit was between 15-20 minutes long, leaving me no option but to cut it down. I decided to leave the opening act as long as I could by extending the intro sounds, which are various parts of the song slowed down and reversed. We camped overnight in the forest to shoot the film in a mostly chronological order, between us we had over 1000 harvest mite bites by the end of it…

Watch below.

CHRISTFUCKER is out 11/5 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.

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