Preoccupations – “Death Of Melody”


Preoccupations – “Death Of Melody”

Later this summer, Preoccupations, the Calgary post-punk band once known as Vietnam, will release their new album Arrangements. Bandleader Matthew Flegel has said that the new LP is “basically about the world blowing up and no one giving a shit.” Preoccupations already shared the early single “Ricochet,” and now they’ve also dropped a new one called “Death Of Melody.” It’s a squirming, downbeat churn, and as the title implies, it’s not terribly melodic.

Here’s how Matthew Flegel describes “Death Of Melody” in a press release:

It’s about having a song stuck in your head, and having no idea what it is, and driving yourself to the brink of dementia trying to figure out what it is. It’s about knowing and forgetting, existing in the middle ground between the permanent and temporary.

Check it out below.

The self-released Arrangements is out 9/9.

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