Prize Horse – “Further From My Start”

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Prize Horse – “Further From My Start”


A few months ago, Minneapolis shoegaze trio Prize Horse shared “Your Time.” Today, they’re back with the announcement of their debut album Under Sound. The single “Further From My Start” is out now.

Prize Horse is Jake Beitel on guitar and vocals, Liv Johnson on bass and vocals, and Jon Brenner on drums. “Further From My Start” is a enticing, haunting blast of grunge. Hear it below.

01 “Dark Options”
02 “Your Time”
03 “Further From My Start”
04 “Under Sound”
05 “Leave It”
06 “Reload”
07 “Rev”
08 “Stone”
09 “Know Better”
10 “Awake For It”

Under Sound is out 2/16 on New Morality Zine.

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