Prolific Artist Noah Ackah Shares A Jaw-Dropping New Pop Song “Freeze”


Prolific Artist Noah Ackah Shares A Jaw-Dropping New Pop Song “Freeze”

“Freeze” is the most recent release of the virtuoso artist Noah Ackah. Based in Toronto, the singer-songwriter and producer is known for his technical brilliance and versatility, particularly in the art of mixing and mastering various genres and music styles together.

Noah Ackah reveals in a recent interview that “Freeze” is about letting go of the past. He explains that the song is written from the point of view of a boy who’s learned to show understanding and empathy to the girl he likes.

Growing up with a family filled with musicians, Ackah first started producing at the age of 16 when his mother, who is also a singer-songwriter, brought Noah his first computer. Determined to only convey real feelings and thoughts, what matters for the persevering artist is being honest and transparent in his songs and sharing music that will resonate with people for a long period of time. 

Shot by Stephen Magee, a new music video for “Freeze” will come out soon. The single follows the release of his 2021 8-track album Courage, My Love, which includes fan-favorites like “Say Goodbye,” “Thank you, Good sir,” and “Mon Amour.”

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