Purling Hiss' Mike Polizze Announces Solo Debut, Teams With Kurt Vile For "Revelation"


Purling Hiss' Mike Polizze Announces Solo Debut, Teams With Kurt Vile For "Revelation"

Mike Polizze has been heading up the Philadelphia rock bands Purling Hiss and Birds Of Maya for well over a decade. Now he’s got his first solo album on the way. Long Lost Solace Find is out at the end of July on Paradise Of Bachelors, and its lead single out today features a fellow Philadelphia rock veteran of note.

Kurt Vile contributes backing vocals and trumpet to “Revelation,” Polizze’s first Long Lost Solace Find single. It’s a perfect pairing, and not just because the two artists are peers from the same scene who came up around the same time. Throughout the new LP, Polizze has eased out of the fuzzed-out Purling Hiss sound into the kind of drawling, lackadaisical folk-rock Vile specializes in. Vile is actually all over the album, appearing on five of its 12 tracks. Polizze plays everything else, and the War On Drugs engineer Jeff Zeigler recorded it all throughout 2018 and 2019, so you’re getting some real Philly indie roots-rock shit right here.

Polizze shared this handwritten note about the new song:

Some further thoughts from Vile:

I love this music so much. “Revelation” is the summer jam I needed, and this is absolutely my summer record. I’m not just sayin’ that because Mike is my bro, and I happened to play and sing on it.

I’m so proud and honored to have made the cut on five jams. I remember one day, fresh from the road, I brought over a National resonator that I had just bought on tour… some harmonicas… and my trumpet (on request) and, shit, I gotta say that might be the best trumpet I done laid down in a while’s time… for you, Mike! So many of these songs give me chills.

I think we all could use these catchy, beautiful jams in our respective quarantines (physical and mental)… I needed this shit! Mike Polizze is the guitar god of Philly, and Jeff Zeigler (recording king) knocked this one out the park, baby.

Hear “Revelation” below.

01 “Bainmaire”
02 “Revelation”
03 “Cheewawa”
04 “Wishing Well”
05 “Eyes Reach Across”
06 “Do, Do, Do”
07 “Edge Of Time”
08 “Rock On A Feather”
09 “D’Modal”
10 “Sit Down”
11 “Marbles”
12 “Vertigo”

Long Lost Solace Find is out 7/31 on Paradise Of Bachelors. Pre-order it from the label or elsewhere.

CREDIT: Constance Mensh
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