Real Estate – “Flowers”

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Real Estate – “Flowers”


Later this week, Real Estate are putting out a new album, Daniel, which they’ll be celebrating with a Daniel-only release show in Brooklyn. They’ve shared a couple tracks from the LP so far, including “Water Underground” and “Haunted World,” and today they’re releasing one last advance single, “Flowers.”

“This song is the closest Real Estate will ever get to like a Shania Twain style country rocker,” the band shared. “We keep saying we didn’t go to Nashville to make a country record – we didn’t – but then we put out shit like this. Who cares though this song rocks. Check out that guitar solo.”

“Flowers” comes with a music video directed by Magnus Carlsson, the Swedish illustrator who created the clip for Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android.”

“For me, the greatest animated music video of all time is Magnus Carlsson’s iconic ‘Paranoid Android’ video for Radiohead,” Martin Courtney shared in a statement, continuing:

It looked like nothing else on MTV in 1997. So when we decided to do an animated video for our next single, that was at the top of the mood board. Let’s make something like the ‘Paranoid Android’ video. It didn’t even occur to us that we could actually ask Magnus Carlsson himself to make a video for our song, or that he would actually do it, or that it would end up just as weird and beautiful as we could have imagined. Big thanks to the legend Mr. Carlsson for being up for working with us.

Watch and listen below.

Daniel is out 2/23 via Domino Recording Co.

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