Rid Of Me – “Gutted” & “Hell Of It”

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Rid Of Me – “Gutted” & “Hell Of It”


On Halloween, the great Philly noise-punk band Rid Of Me will release their sophomore album Access To The Lonely, and I fully expect it to be awesome. We’ve already posted the early singles “Rid Of Me” and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die.” Today, the band has shared two more tracks that appear back-to-back on the LP. “Gutted” and “Hell Of It” are both churning, clangorous songs, but they work in different ways. “Gutted” glimmers and roars in ways that are sometimes almost pretty, while “Hell Of It” is a fast 96-second lurch.

Both songs deal with very heavy subjects. On “Gutted,” singer/bassist Itarya Rosenberg says:

I suffer from pretty severe depression. I am often suicidal but consistently persevere. I think about being a tree and dying among them when I focus on taking my own life. I also think about my friends, the people I love, and music, which is what helps me maintain. I am very, very lucky to love and be so loved, and to be able to create and play music with my best friends. It really helps keep me going. “Gutted” is inspired by all of this.

And here’s what Rosenberg says about “Hell Of It”:

Well, I am an alcoholic. I don’t drink anymore, but I was at one point pretty fucking wild. OK, I am still pretty wild, but I used to be next-level. And I was hyper absorbed by the action of obliteration because of the depth of my insecurities and unwillingness to face shit. This song is a reflection upon the many years I spent crushing booze and drugs and finding myself in many precarious situations. Avoiding myself. Hurting myself. Having a conceptually great time. Now, I reflect instead of indulge.

Check out the videos for both tracks below.

Access To the Lonely is out 11/3 on Knife Hit Records.

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