Rinse – “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” (Feat. Hatchie)

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Rinse – “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” (Feat. Hatchie)


Joe Agius, the Australian musician who records under the name Rinse, happens to be married to Harriette Pilbeam, the indie-pop star known as Hatchie. Rinse and Hatchie have worked together a bunch over the years, and Hatchie has appeared on some of Rinse’s past singles, like 2020’s “Back Into Your Arms” and “Does It Feel Like Heaven?,” which just came out a few weeks ago. Now, they’ve got another one.

The new song “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” has nothing to do with that one U2 song from that one Batman soundtrack. Instead, it’s a blurry and romantic dream-pop jam, with Rinse and Hatchie singing every line together. Their voices are smothered in reverb, the guitars are coated in fuzz, and the whole thing emits a comforting energy, like an old ’90s cassette that you found in someone’s garage. Joe Agius directed the “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” video, in which he and Hatchie seem to have a great time pushing each other around on a roller bed. Watch it below.

“Kiss Me (Kill Me)” is out now on Cohort.

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