Rogue Wave – "Aesop Rock"


Rogue Wave – "Aesop Rock"

Earlier this year, indie-rap veteran Aesop Rock released a standalone single called “Rogue Wave.” Indie-rock veterans Rogue Wave noticed. And now the Oakland band have returned from a two year-hiatus with a response, a new track of their own called “Aesop Rock.”

With the release of “Aesop Rock,” Rogue Wave are asking fans to donating to the Tipping Point Community, an Oakland non-profit that raises money for Bay Area families in need. Tipping Point is currently trying to raise $30 million to support its grantees during the pandemic.

“It’s hard not to feel powerless in times like these,” Rogue Wave’s Zach Rogue explains. “For us, we talked about it and wanted to do something, anything to help. If you listen to our track, please consider donating to Tipping Point. They do amazing work in the Bay Area, directly helping families in need. No amount is too small! We were able to track ‘Aesop Rock’ a couple of days before the shelter in place in California. Who knows, maybe Aesop Rock’ll bust a jam called “Out of the Descended Shadow of Lake Michigan” next?”

Listen to the bright, propulsive “Aesop Rock” below.

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