Rome Is Leaving Sublime With Rome

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Rome Is Leaving Sublime With Rome


Soon, Sublime With Rome will have to be without Rome. In 2009, the Fremont, California singer/guitarist Rome Ramirez essentially replaced the late Bradley Nowell as the leader of the legendary Long Beach band Sublime. Ramirez joined surviving Sublime members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, and they initially planned to perform together under the Sublime now, but the Nowell estate hit them with a cease-and-desist, so they changed their name to Sublime With Rome. For the past 15 years, Sublime With Rome have toured consistently, mostly playing songs from the original-flavor Sublime, though they’ve released three albums of their own. Bud Gaugh left the band in 2011, turning the group into more of a One Guy From Sublime, With Rome scenario. Today, Rome announced his departure.

Last week, an iteration of Sublime played a benefit for Bad Brains leader H.R., with Bradley Nowell’s 28-year-old son Jakob standing in for his late father. Bud Gaugh, who later claimed that he didn’t like the idea of using the Sublime name without Bradley Nowell, rejoined the group for the occasion, and it sure seems like he might be the new Sublime frontman moving forward. “Earlier this year, Jakob and his mother agreed with Wilson and Gaugh to relaunch Sublime with Jakob at the helm under the management of Kevin Zinger and Joe Escalante,” Billboard reports.

In an Instagram statement, Rome Ramirez says that he’s leaving Sublime With Rome at the end of 2024: “The upcoming performances over the next year will allow us to reflect on countless incredible memories together!… Singing and playing guitar for this iconic band has been a lifetime opportunity and just flat out absolutely epic. Carrying on the Sublime legacy has been a trust I’ll forever cherish.” Rome says that he’s excited to share solo music.

It would be funny if they started touring as Sublime Without Rome, but that probably won’t happen.

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