Romy – “Strong”


Romy – “Strong”

Back in 2020, the xx’s Romy Madley-Croft released her debut single, the excellent “Lifetime.” Since then, she’s put out some covers and popped up on a track by Fred again.. She’s teamed up with Fred again for her new single “Strong,” out today.

“‘Strong’ came from a moment in my life when I was processing past grief,” Madley-Croft said in a statement. “Whilst writing the lyrics I was thinking about my cousin Luis, we both have the shared experience of our mums passing away when we were young. I recognise in him the same trait I have which is to try and hold emotions down and put on a brave face. The song was a way to connect with these feelings, offer support and ultimately find a sense of release in the euphoria of music. Luis is with me on the single cover and in the music video too which was really special.”

She continued:

My friendship with Fred means a lot to me, our closeness helps me to feel safe to be honest and vulnerable lyrically and we definitely connect over our love of songwriting and emotions in dance music. It’s amazing and inspiring seeing and hearing what Fred is doing in his solo work and I’m very excited to be releasing this song together.

Watch a video for “Strong” below.

“Strong” is out now.

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