Rosie Tucker – “Big Fish/No Fun”

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Rosie Tucker – “Big Fish/No Fun”


Later this week, Los Angeles indie rocker Rosie Tucker will release their new album UTOPIA NOW! We’ve already posted their early tracks “Unending Bliss,” “Paperclip Maximizer,” and the excellently titled “All My Exes Live In Vortexes.” Today, they’ve followed it up with one last song before the album arrives.

“Big Fish/No Fun” has nothing to do with the Stooges. Instead, it’s a fired-up fuzz-bomb about trying to make a living by making music, which can feel like getting into a “staring contest with the evil eye.” It rocks with purpose and excitement, even if it’s cynical enough to include the word “metadata” in its lyrics. Check it out below.

UTOPIA NOW! is out 3/22 on Sentimental Records.

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