Rozi Plain – “Prove Your Good”


Rozi Plain – “Prove Your Good”

About a month ago, Rozi Plain announced new album PRIZE by sharing “Agreeing For Two,” a collaboration with her This Is The Kit bandmate Kate Stables and avant-jazz character Alabaster Deplume. Today she’s following that dreamy, elegant shuffle with “Prove Your Good,” another song that strikes a lovely balance of melody, texture, and lighter-than-air rhythm. It’s some prime deconstructed indie-pop, and Plain has this to say about it:

“Prove Your Good” is thinking about the often silent fight within us. Trying to be good, trying to not be bad. Feeling judged and judging ourselves. The small re-writing we can do of bits of our own history. The painful shift of changing favourites. Rearranging the leader board. Knowing things must be simpler but going after the tricky stuff anyway.

Hear “Prove Your Good” and “Agreeing For Two” below.

01 “Agreeing For Two”
02 “Complicated”
03 “Help”
04 “Prove Your Good”
05 “Conversation”
06 “Painted The Room Black”
07 “Sore”
08 “Spot Thirteen”
09 “Standing Up”
10 “Blink”

PRIZE is out 1/13 on Memphis Industries.

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