S.C.A.B. – “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave”


S.C.A.B. – “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave”

In the early weeks of last year, the Brooklyn post-punk quartet S.C.A.B. released their debut album Beauty & Balance. They were all set to take it on the road, but obviously that didn’t happen. Instead, they found themselves stuck at home in NYC. Maybe that led to a little bit of inspiration: Today, the band is back with a new single, and it’s a banger.

S.C.A.B.’s latest is called “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave.” A lot of frontman Sean Camargo’s lyrics center around New York, particularly Bushwick — from his childhood memories of what it was like back in the ’90s, to the vastly transformed neighborhood he found upon moving back to NYC as an adult. “Stolen Jag” is no different, but also tells the very specific tale of the band’s guitar getting stolen outside the Bushwick venue Our Wicked Lady. Here’s what Camargo had to say about it:

Everyone in Bushwick has had a late night at Our Wicked Lady. We’ve found love, lost gear, and found ourselves in the bathroom with people we never would have guessed. “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave” is the first song we all wrote together as a band. It pays homage to our neighborhood and to a Daphne Blue Fender Jaguar guitar that was last seen leaning against our van outside Our Wicked Lady. Why was it left there unsupervised when all our other gear made it into the van? Who knows? What we do know is how emotional we get when we lose something we love and how we play the blame game until we get over it.

Musically, “Stolen Jag” is a propulsive track lacerated by liquefied-metal post-punk guitars. Check it out below.

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