Saba Returns With New Single "Mrs. Whoever": Listen


Saba Returns With New Single "Mrs. Whoever": Listen

The tremendously gifted young Chicago rapper Saba is up to something. Saba has a new song called “Mrs. Whoever” that’s apparently been on YouTube as an unlisted video, just lurking there, since July. Over the past few days, Saba has been tweeting cryptic clues. Last night, those clues finally led people to the song and its music video.

“Mrs. Whoever” is a warm, hazy track, and it’s got Saba rapping in the quick, melodic flow that seems extremely difficult to master. (There’s some Bone Thugs in his delivery, but he does it with a contemplative, insular style that’s light years removed from Bone Thugs.) On “Mrs. Whoever,” Saba talks about putting pressure on himself over a warm, organic instrumental that’s right in his comfort zone. In the video, Saba ambles through a giant greenhouse while listening to a Walkman. Partway through, he discovers the red rotary phone that’s been in his teasers.

Last year, Saba’s Pivot Gang crew released the album You Can’t Sit With Us, and he officially linked up with his peers Noname and Smino to form the supergroup Ghetto Sage. But “Mrs. Whoever” is the first new solo Sada track since he released “Where It’s At” in December of 2018. 2018 is also when Saba released his excellent CARE FOR ME album; we can only hope that he’s building up to a bigger release now. Watch the “Mrs. Whoever” video below.

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