Sad13 – “Boycott Scream 7”

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Sad13 – “Boycott Scream 7”


Under her Sad13 alias, Speedy Ortiz leader Sadie Dupuis has a SoundCloud playlist of “Christmas” songs, updated with a new track each holiday season. This year’s release went live today, and it’s a doozy.

The dreamy noise-pop tune “Boycott Scream 7” is a condemnation of people who’ve supported Israel’s offensive against Gaza, including John Fetterman, the Democratic senator from her state of residence, Pennsylvania. The song’s title refers to the upcoming Scream sequel, which dropped Melissa Barrera from the cast after she voiced support for Palestine. Costar Jenna Ortega left the film shortly thereafter, in what some have interpreted as a gesture of support for Barrera. And today, within an hour of this song’s release, director Christopher Landon also left the movie, calling it “a dream job that turned into a nightmare.”

Here are the lyrics as posted by Dupuis:

People I once loved have taken off their masks. So I begin this season with a boycott of Scream 7, breaking up with friends who used to act with care, and — as of this Christmas — I won’t ever vote for Fetterman again. Journalists, doctors, children and poets. How could you think one single death is worth it?

Hark how bells ring just like an alarm. Love of war is life without a heart. Call for it to end or I can never hear your call again. Hark how bells ring, hark how bells ring.

And here’s the song:

The full playlist of “Christmas” songs is here.

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