Saint Etienne – “Penlop”


Saint Etienne – “Penlop”

Last month, expert vibe curators Saint Etienne announced a new album, I’ve Been Trying To Tell You, with “Pond House,” which landed on our list of the best songs of the week. Today, they’re back with the album’s second single, “Penlop,” a slowly unraveling and sensual stunner that takes its time to get going but achieves some surreally dreamy heights by song’s end.

“Penlop is one of my favorite songs on the album,” the group’s Bob Stanley said. “Sarah’s vocal makes me think of a travel guide, walking you around your half-remembered memories of the late nineties. Pete’s production on this is wonderful, I like the way it bursts wide open at the end, like someone breaking through from the past into the present day.”

Check out the Alasdair McLellan-directed video for it below.

I’ve Been Trying To Tell You is out 9/10 via Heavenly Recordings.

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