Sam Gendel & Marcella Cytrynowicz – “CD”

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Sam Gendel & Marcella Cytrynowicz – “CD”


The prolific Los Angeles-based composer and producer Sam Gendel already released one project his year, the jazzy covers album COOKUP, and he’s already got another one waiting in the wings. AUDIOBOOK is a new project from Gendel and his partner Marcella Cytrynowicz, the visual artist whose younger sister served as a vocalist on last year’s Gendel album LIVE A LITTLE.

AUDIOBOOK was made over the course of a couple days, as Cytrynowicz drew illustrations and Gendel wrote music next to her, feeding off each other’s inspiration. “It makes it easy to explore,” Gendel said in a press release. “In the same way Marcella describes how she draws, I sort of unlock these weird puzzles in my own mind, and sometimes just having one interface to deal with takes that mental pressure off. It has a strange quality sonically, too… I just gravitate toward that.”

“It’s the sound of us just individually trusting ourselves, and then aligning the two together and letting them meet, and also trusting in that,” Gendel continued. “I don’t think about it that directly, though – this isn’t art inspired by art. I would say this is just a piece showing two people trusting in their subconscious and then trusting in that meeting point, wherever that is. And shepherding it along.”

Today, they’re sharing the project’s lead single “CD,” one piece of the album’s alphabetically-minded 13-song tracklist. Check it out below.

01 “AB”
02 “CD”
03 “EF”
04 “GH”
05 “IJ”
06 “KL”
07 “MN”
08 “OP”
09 “QR”
10 “ST”
11 “UV”
12 “WX”
13 “YZ”

AUDIOBOOK is out 10/6 via Psychic Hotline.

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