Sanguisugabogg – “Permanently Fucked”

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Sanguisugabogg – “Permanently Fucked”


Here’s a fun activity for you and your friends: Take turns trying to say the world “Sanguisugabogg” out loud. Last year, the old-school Ohio death metallers were a Stereogum Band To Watch, and now they’ve got an absolutely brutal new song called “Permanently Fucked.” That title is considerably less hard to pronounce.

“Permanently Fucked” is a numbingly evil double-time barrage. In the David Brodsky-directed video, the Bogg plays in a shadowy room while keeping someone trapped in a cage nearby. That guy grabs a boxcutter, and things get bloody. Here’s what the band says about the track:

The meaning of the song is a drastically blown out of proportion way of showing how much you love someone. We got inspiration of the song from the 2018 horror film Pet, where Dominic Monaghan’s character volunteers himself as a vice for Ksenia Solo’s character so she can torture and humiliate them and they’re bound to their cage so she doesn’t free the urge to murder someone instinctively and doesn’t get arrested or imprisoned for killing people.

Check it out below.

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