Screaming Females Release New Clover EP, Their Final Recordings

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Screaming Females Release New Clover EP, Their Final Recordings


In December, Screaming Females, the great long-running New Jersey power trio, let the world know that they’re breaking up after 18 years as a band. Maybe the announcement shouldn’t have come as a shock. DIY punk bands simply aren’t supposed to go on forever, and Screaming Females’ tenure was already much longer than most. But Screamales simply never fell off. Their final album, 2023’s Desire Pathway, kicks nearly as much ass as anything that the band ever released. There’s been no announcement about a grand-finale show or anything like that, but we’re now getting one final recording from the band, and it stands as further evidence that they were an absolute wrecking ball until the very end.

Screaming Females recorded the five songs on their newly released Clover EP during their Desire Pathway sessions. As with that album, the band laid those tracks down at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota, the same place where Nirvana made In Utero and PJ Harvey made Rid Of Me. Their producer was longtime collaborator Matt Bayles, who’s also worked with bands like Mastodon and Pearl Jam.

Some fans have already heard the Clover EP. The band sold physical copies at their live shows, and it was also available in a bundle if you bought Desire Pathway directly from the Don Giovanni label. For the rest of us, however, the EP is an unexpected treat, and all five songs rock hard. “Violence And Anger”? Come on. Sick shit. If Screaming Females ever decide to get back together, the Clover EP stands as evidence that they’ll still be in fighting form. Stream it below.

The Clover EP is out now on Don Giovanni. Frontwoman Marissa Paternoster’s debut graphic novel Merriment is out 3/19, and you can order it here.

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