Sky Ferreira Addresses New Music Holdup: “This Is Beyond Fucked Up”


Sky Ferreira Addresses New Music Holdup: “This Is Beyond Fucked Up”


Getting new music from Sky Ferreira has long been a complex and complicated venture. Since the release of 2013’s amazing debut LP, Night Time, My Time, Ferreira has been in start-stop mode around when we can expect a follow-up album. In 2015, she appeared to tease a sophomore album Masochism. Then in 2019, Ferreira seemed to re-initiate a rollout with the release of “Downhill Lullaby.” At last, in May of last year, Ferreira released “Don’t Forget” and promised Vulture that she was “100 percent confident” Masochism would be out that year. Well, obviously that didn’t happen. Now, Ferreira has taken to Instagram with an explanation.

Posting to her Instagram, Ferreira shared a clip of a new song with the words overlaid, “I WANT TO PUT THIS OUT.” Ferreira then elaborated on her Stories, writing, “LOOK AT THE DATE. 2019. I TRIED TO PUT OUT THIS SONG FOREVER AGO. This is not my fault & it’s not a conspiracy or whatever.”

She continued: “I am not a hysterical/lying/lazy lunatic. I can pull up performances from 2014 of unreleased singles too. This is beyond fucked up. I am so frustrated & over it.”

Further down, Ferreira goes on to address her alleged “difficult” status, though she doesn’t specify who is labeling her that way behind the scenes:

Being “difficult” or “high strung” doesn’t give people the right to damage & stall my career. I am in a DIFFICULT situation & I have to be “difficult” to get through it. I have to protect my work & myself somehow? A lot of it is not being allowed to say or do anything I want/need without it being dismissed. The thing I actively tried to avoid happens & it somehow gets reversed. I can’t think of a time in the last 7 years where I’ve been able to just focus on what I’m supposed to do & my work being presented the way I want it to or my shows being the way one needs it to be to be perform & play well. Despite having to basically sacrifice every aspect of my life to make sure it happens & the amount of time/work I put into everything beforehand. It’s not okay. If I’m not allowed to say something without consequence & the people who are supposed to do their job refuse to look out for me… How am I not going to be “difficult”?!?

Sending Ferreira lots of positive energy, as goodness knows we yearn for more new music from her.

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