Sky Ferreira Responds To Fans’ “Free Sky Ferreira” Billboard

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Sky Ferreira Responds To Fans’ “Free Sky Ferreira” Billboard


In a couple of months, Sky Ferreira’s classic debut album Night Time, My Time will celebrate its 10th anniversary. It’ll be a bittersweet occasion. Night Time, My Time still hits as hard as it ever did, but Sky Ferreira has not released another album. She’s been building anticipation for the follow-up LP Masochism ever since 2015, but the record has not come out. This has been a source of deep frustration for Ferreira and for her fans — so much so that fans recently paid for a “Free Sky Ferreira” billboard in Times Square.

In the past decade, Sky Ferreira has released a grand total of two singles — “Downhill Lullaby” in 2019, “Don’t Forget” in 2022. Earlier this year, Ferreira took to Instagram to address years of delays. “This is not my fault & it’s not a conspiracy or whatever,” she wrote. “I am in a DIFFICULT situation & I have to be “difficult” to get through it. I have to protect my work & myself somehow? A lot of it is not being allowed to say or do anything I want/need without it being dismissed.”

The “free Sky Ferreira” social-media campaign started even before that Instagram post, and Ferreira has been acknowledging it more and more. Onstage in Wilmington earlier this year, Ferreira held up a “free Sky Ferreira” sign from the crowd. On Tuesday, fans paid for a digital “free Sky Ferreira” billboard in Times Square. (This was not a huge financial sacrifice. It cost $40 for 15 seconds.)

Yesterday, Sky Ferreira reposted The FADER‘s Reel about the billboard, writing, “It’s true.” Ferreira also responded to Stereogum’s Instagram post on the billboard, commenting with a string of heart emojis. And Ferreira reached out to the people who run the Free Sky Ferreira Instagram, writing, “thank you for your support & trying to help get what happened across.”

So: Sky Ferreira wants to release new music. Her fans want her to release new music. It’s been 10 years. Eventually, something has to happen, right?

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