Smith Taylor – “Down Bad Bad”

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Smith Taylor – “Down Bad Bad”


NYC-based Cleveland native Smith Taylor boasts of a vast array of influences, “from the hood to the woods and everywhere in between.” In the case of new single “Down Bad Bad,” that translates into slo-mo psychedelic soul, warm and organic, on which Taylor’s falsetto almost seems to be in conversation with the lead guitar. “I almost told you I loved you,” Taylor sings repeatedly, getting deep into the awkward feelings that go along with an intense crush. It reminds me of D’Angelo and Prince with a touch of Mac DeMarco, but maybe that last one is just the VHS-era aesthetic of the music video influencing my perception.

“‘Down Bad Bad’ speaks to being in the weird space between frustration and vulnerability,” Taylor says. “Like I’m almost brave enough to risk being hurt by you.. Like I’m THIS close. Tuhh.” Watch below.

Smith Taylor has a show at TV Eye in Brooklyn next Friday, 1/26 with Nelson Bandela and B.oone. Get tickets here.

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