Spice – “Everyone Gets In”


Spice – “Everyone Gets In”

In 2018, two members of the great punk institution Ceremony, singer Ross Farrar and drummer Jake Casarotti, started Spice, a new band that also features members of Creative Adult and Sabertooth Zombie. Last year, Spice released their self-titled debut album, and it was awesome. In September, Spice announced a new two-song single, and they shared the A-side “A Better Treatment.” That was even more awesome. That single is finally out now, which means we get one more song out of Spice.

Spice’s whole sound is a meditative, melodic, weirdly epic take on punk rock — a sound that uses punk as a license to get weird and thoughtful and ambitious. You can hear all of that at work in the new song “Everyone Gets In.” Farrar sings about mourning and endurance, and the song swells and crashes underneath him. By the time the song reaches its conclusion, it’s reached a sort of shoegazey majesty. “A Better Treatment” and “Everyone Gets In” make up what’s got to be the best two-song single I’ve heard in a long, long time. Listen to “Everyone Gets In” below.

“A Better Treatment” b/w “Everyone Gets In” is out now on Dais Records.

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