Sprain's "Worship House" Is A Spindly, Mathy, Volatile Epic


Sprain's "Worship House" Is A Spindly, Mathy, Volatile Epic

Sprain is a spindly, mathy LA quartet calling back to ’90s post-hardcore greats like Slint and Unwound as well as noise-rock bombardiers like Metz and the Jesus Lizard. They’ll release their debut LP As Lost Through Collision this year through The Flenser, the great San Francisco label that recently kicked out great albums from Midwife and Have A Nice Life.

Sprain began two years ago as more of a slowcore project, but As Lost Through Collision reportedly ratchets up the tension significantly. In the band’s official bio, singer-guitarist Alex Kent explains, “I feel like my approach to composition changed due to some new mental challenges such as extreme anxiety, and the songs definitely reflect that.” The new album’s volatile and constantly morphing lead single “Worship House” bears out that description. It’s out today and well worth a listen, so dig into it below.

01 “Slant”
02 “My Way Out”
03 “Worship House”
04 “Everything”
05 “Constant Hum”

As Lost Through Collision is out 9/4 via The Flenser. Pre-order it here.

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